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Partnership with Huawei

Through a unique global media & technology partnership with Huawei, IsWhere digital marketing platform can target over 600 million of Huawei's worldwide digital consumers directly in your key source markets.

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Rollout Plan

Start with Thailand Travel Recovery Project

  1. 1
  2. 2

    Nov 2021 : Singapore

    Population : 5.89 Million
    70% Vaccinated > 4 Million

  3. 3

    Dec 2021 : Taiwan

    Population : 23.85 Million
    70% Vaccinated > 16 Million

  4. 4

    2022 : Global

    Huawei Consumer : 600 Million

** Timeline indicated are subjected to changes as country opens up



  • Advertise your destination on IsWhere and showcase all your rich content
  • Special Targeted campaigns to Huawei 600 million digital consumers
  • Intelligent search inserts your destination banner adverts in front of travel consumers searching IsWhere online
  • Run smart campaigns linked to any content categories or preferred suppliers at your destination (food, spa, culture, shopping, sport etc.) to enchance consumer choice


  • COVID consumers can only see what is on offer if your destination is 100% digital
  • Digitize your entire destination's content to showcase special deals & promotions available
  • Invite all your destination tourism services and retail merchants onboard IsWhere digital marketing platform
  • Use IsWhere's self-service digital marketing platform to highlight your destination is alive and ready for business recovery

Try out IsWhere digital marketing platform now for FREE on your domestic travelers until the COVID situation stabilises and allows the safe return of your International Visitor Arrivals, hopefully by late 2021.

  • FREE Digital Marketing Platform

    Provide FREE digital marketing platform technology to all your destination travel & retail service providers - quickly boost the digital content of  your destination 

  • Advertise your destination

    Advertise your destination on IsWhere smart location-based website targeted directly to consumers searching for your destination's tourism and shopping features

  • Campaign & Promotions

    Conduct your own seasonal or content category sector (food, culture etc.) advertising campaigns online with IsWhere's simple to use marketing dashboard and link directly to a selection of your destinations preferred content suppliers to support your campaign

Help Travel businesses recover from COVID by becoming a 100% Digital Destination

Travel & Retail Merchants can Register for FREE on IsWhere to create and manage content using the simple self-service merchant dashboard. Merchants can list their own deals and promotions for any of their services or outlets and even create their own marketing campaigns.

Provide all merchants with your Tourism Board IsWhere industry invitation Code allowing content to automatically link to your Digital Destination and your consumer campaigns.

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Digital Advertising on IsWhere is a fixed price per spot regardless of the number of hits/views or clicks per month.

Choose your target key Source Markets and consumers searching on IsWhere will be shown your banner ads.

Consumers searching for your destination will be immediately exposed to your banners and any seasonal, sector or category campaigns you are doing linked with your merchants, increasing your digital presence and consumer choice.

Main and Featured banner spots are available for Tourism Boards, DMO's and Merchants, and will link to your destination merchants via your unique industry invitation Code.

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